Hi! I'm Mengzhen.

I live with enthusiasm for applying user-centered design thinking to solve problems and create a meaningful experience.

I design, code and make physical stuff to explore the imaginative use of technologies.



January 2019 - present
Swift is a web application that helps with meeting preparation and integrates into existing meeting setup workflow to create agenda-driven meetings. 
I work as the co-founder and design director on Swift.




Sketch To AR
This is a new way to step into AR. Instead of using a limited number of targets, everyone can draw freely and see the augmented drawing in AR. In the two-day show, more than 200 people played with this App. 
I learned ARKit 2 and C# in Unity from scratch, which is challenging but also a great enjoyment. 
December 2018
"Geegle" Assistant
Unconventional Uses of Voice Technology
By using Google Dialogflow, I build Geegle Assistant, which is very much like the Google Assistant, except for one thing: it has feelings. The Geegle Assistant can do all the normal functions you’d expect in a voice assistant, but it has a strong personality and isn’t shy about expressing disappointment in your behavior.
October 2018
255 minutes! You spent so much time on your phone. You have your phone now, why do you need me?
Immersive Salt Lake
Learned how to build storytelling in virtual reality with Unreal Engine 4 and Oculus Rift.
April 2018

Visualize Data


Build Webs

How can we use a map to optimize road design?
To answer this question, I analyzed the data of NYC Motor Vehicle Collisions In 2017 and found common ground in accident-prone streets locations. I designed and developed this webpage for urban designers, providing future directions to optimize city road design.
April 2018
 What is a revolutionary game experience?

Leave your monitor, throw away your controller, make new friends, and have fun.
By using Arduino and coding in Javascript, I built this interactive game installation for 2017 Winter Show. In the two-day show, SEE_._SAW had more than 250+ pairs of players. 
December 2017
To provide an exciting and meaningful experience in the limited cabin space.
I received the design challenge from Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute. Together we explored the meaning of flying, and we came up with an interactive device based on the IFE (In-flight Entertainment).
July  2015 

China Reading



June 2015 - October 2015
UX Design Intern
I started my first professional work as a UX designer at the User Experience Design Department, China Reading Limited. I defined and implemented innovative solutions for the product direction by collaborating with both product team and develop team.
Qidian Website Home Page
The original webpage had unclear navigation and filled with massive text. My mission is to optimize the information architecture and raise the click-through rate. My role involved product concept advisement and site map, wireframes, and detailed spec creation.
Writer Assistant APP, IOS
Writer Assistant is a mobile App for writers managing contacts, writing and publishing novels. My job focused on the messaging part, included wireframe building, prototype making, and conducting one on one user test. 
September 2018 - present
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