What is a good way to introduce Augmented Reality?



As a creative technologist, I quite understand what is AR. But for some people, they don't familiar with this fancy word. While most people are familiar with virtual reality, at least the idea of it, augmented reality or AR, which melds real space with virtual imagery, takes a little more understanding. No surprise then that almost 70 percent of Americans don't know or understand AR (data from Skrite.com)


The question that is shown on the top came to my mind. So I built Sketch To AR, which is an easy and entertaining way for everyone to step into AR. This project was shown in ITP Winter Show 2018. In the two-day show, more than 200 people played with this App.


UX/UI Designer



November  2018 - December 2018



ARKit 2 in Unity

C# in Unity

Google Vision API

Poly API

Target Image, the letter "A" in AR

Target image is commonly used in AR. A target image is a specific image that you will want your camera to recognize to start your pre-set AR animation. In most cases of building an AR project, making targets is necessary. And for users, the target image is the key for them to open the door of AR world. So using target image is a good way to introduce AR.


Current User Flow

1. Print out a pre-set target image.​


2. Download the AR App on

the device.


3. See the 3D virtual object show on the target image.


Why target image is also not good?

It is a passive experience.

Users can only use pre-set images. Besides, users have to print those images.


It is a limited experience.

The virtual object that can be displayed corresponding to the target needs to be set in advance, which means one target corresponds to one fixed virtual object. 


Build A New AR Experience

An active experience.

Users draw their personalized image. They can easily draw on any paper with any pen. No printer is needed.


An unlimited experience.

Transfer user's drawing to a 3D virtual object in AR, which means users create the content of the virtual object. And the user's imagination is unlimited.


At The Show with 200+ Users

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