Quant Humanists: Final project updates

April 6, 2018






1. Video Scripts




2. Microsoft HoloLens


3. iPhone Prototype 1: choose photos





4. Next Steps

  • Webpage Prototype.

  • Video.










1. iPhone Photo Data


Google Sheets Link


Data of 143 photos I took from March 03 to April 06.





2. Technical Support Research


e.g. Microsoft HoloLens





3. Storyboard V2



Part A: Me

Part B: My Child






 “ 50 years ago, March 12th, she took this photo here at 14:24 PM. It was a sunny day, 9°C, which was 10°C colder than today."




My Voice Message





4. My Photo Map






5. Next Steps


  • Mixed reality, Mediated Reality, (Microsoft HoloLens)

  • Decide which kind of (future) digital device to use. (Glasses, Headset, Contact Lenses etc.) 

  • Photos display page.

  • Other things in the prototype. (sound, interaction, interface)


  • Video script.

  • Video.



















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