Assignment 7 - Final Project Proposal

Idea: Tell My Story With Photos

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In the previous six weeks, I used different tools to track myself. I got a bunch of data such as my daily sleep hours, walking distance, calorie for each meal, time spent on iPhone and etc. What's interesting is that all these are numbers. By making charts and diagrams, I can have a brief view of my life. But, are these data good enough to represent what I'm thinking and caring about? Probably not.

Numbers can reflect the objective parts in our lives, but how about the subjective parts? The answer might lie in iPhone's albums. Everyone, who has a smartphone, takes photos of almost everything, anytime and anywhere.

There are concerns about exuberant data collection, for example, the Camera Restrica project by Philipp Schmitt, which helps for promising unique pictures by preventing the user from contributing to the overflow of generic digital imagery. However, the question is that almost everyone at a famous tourist attraction knows that they can easily find photos on the Internet that are better than theirs. Why do they still use their phones to take photos of the place?

Because photos are memories. Photos reflect the world we see, the experience we have and the things we care about. Everyone's album tells a unique story. I once worried that the digital data I created (such as many email accounts, social media accounts, etc.) would still remain in this world even after I die and cause digital pollution. But I don't think digital photos should be a kind of digital pollution because it is meaningful and valuable to future generations. I still remember my grandfather told me the stories of his time through his old photos, which I think is the best way for me to know more about him and his life. Therefore, my digital photos can become a way to tell my story, as one of my valuable legacies.

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