Assignment 05: Design a quantified self intervention

Try different motivational Apps

I found out that those APPs which are social based interventions have less effect on me. I think it is because I don't care much about how people judge me. And I'm not often influenced by the people around me. Instead, I care more about my true feelings, such as, do I have any progress today? Do I have something that I can be grateful for today? The deeper underlying principles that motivate me are always the things that I really care about. If I take something seriously, motivational Apps can help me a lot on it, otherwise, they just do not work on me.

Design a quantified self intervention

Last week when I talked with Xiran about her working out experience, I found I shared the same pain point with her. Due to some reasons and excuses, we can't stick to our plan and always give up halfway. So I would like to design an intervention to motivate us and people who share the same problem with us to work out regularly.

01 A Tough Way

02 A Treat

Keep working out a week. Get a bottle of free healthy juice from the gym.

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