Week 4: Journey and Experience Mapping

For the final project, I decide to choose the first idea, "Aha Moments".

Description: Design a quick and easy way for creative people to capture, review and organize ideas. The target users include designers, bloggers, YouTubers, writers, etc.


Since some classmates mentioned Google Keep in last class, I did some research on it. I went through the user reviews of Google Keep App on both Android and IOS platform and then collected all the pain points about design that users mentioned.

The pain point mentioned most is about notes organization. Goole Keep does a good job of recording and saving notes, but it can't meet users' requirement for organizing and classifying notes. I also tried to use Google Keep on both mobile and web side. And I listed its pain points and highlights from my point of view.

Customer Journey Map

Title: A customer journey map for capturing, organizing and reviewing ideas.

What's beneficial:

  • To determine MVP of the product (what are the core set of features).

  • To see hidden opportunities, user pain points.

  • (mobile side & web side)

See the whole customer journey map here:


Click the image.

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