Week 3 - Design A Meaningful Interaction

IDEA 1 : Aha Moments

Description: Design a quick and easy way for creative people to capture, review and organize ideas.



- Capture Ideas

words, short phrases, sketches...

- Organize Ideas

categories, tags, mind map, tree diagram...

- Review (Search) Ideas

update, add existing examples, add references...


1. Hatch Notebook - Turn Ideas into Reality, Business Project Notebook

2. "10 Notebook Applications for Managing Ideas", sitepoint

3. "No Idea Left Behind: 25 Tools for Capturing Ideas Anywhere", lifedev

IDEA 2 : “How are you?"

Description: In China, the number of elderly people living alone has increased rapidly in recent years. There are many dangers of seniors living alone, such as lack of help in an emergency, greater risk of fall hazards, a greater chance of missing, etc. I want to design a smart home system from which children can check the life of the elderly and get alert if something emergency happens.




1. "10 Dangers of Seniors Living Alone", top ten reviews

IDEA 3 : "No decision is too small for today’s customers."

Description: Design an easy way for people to know the price of each product at stores. And help them make the right purchase decision.



“Consumers are searching for items like toothbrushes and shower curtains too. They're using mobile devices to inform every purchase, regardless of category or price.” from No Decision Is Too Small For Today's Consumers.


1. "No decision is too small for today's consumers", Think with Google

2. "How to win travelers in the age of assistance", Think with Google

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