Assignment 03: Dear Data Visualization



Reflect: Visualization, Representation, and Analysis

This week, I made my version of "Dear Data". I tracked my everyday outfit of this week and made a data visualization post card with the data I got. Xiran, as my partner, worked on the same topic.

Getting Data

Everyday before I left home, I toke a photo of myself. I used Instagram to record those photos.


I made a list to show all the data including date, activity for that day, go out or not, weather, temperature, the thickness of the clothes, wear a hat or not and all the colors I wear.


Firstly, I looked for color pens of all the colors I wear and drew lines on the paper to get some inspiration. I used to think about using lines to draw some patterns, like what Stefanie did in the week of complaints. But I found out that lines in so many colors might be hard to read.Therefore, I changed my mind and decided to use color-blocks.

About how to draw the color-blocks, I got inspiration from Piet Mondrian's famous painting, Lozenge Composition with Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, and Gray.

I used each block to represent a category, including top, bottom, accessories (glasses and hats), bag, shoes, coat, weather, temperature, and go out or not.

I first drew the blocks of each category according to where they are in a human body (except weather, temperature and go out or not). And then I put them together into a square. Finally, adding those three additional blocks to it. I tried different ways to divide the square.


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