Week1 - Designing Meaningful Interactions

An Object That Appeals To Me

When I was thinking about an everyday object that is well designed, I found it hard to come up with a product. I'm so overly familiar with the products I use every day that I'm used to the ways I interact with them. It makes me numb to these products so much that I could not find the best of these designs. It's hard to tell whether those products are thoughtful designs of human behavior or human's behavior is "designed" by those products.

Innisfree Cleansing Device

This is my facial-cleansing device. It combines T-Sonic pulsations to cleanse the skin with silicone brush that remains gentle and pleasant to use on the face. There are three buttons on it. The round middle button at the bottom is the power switch. The plus and minus switches control the pulsation strength. At the bottom of the back is its charging port.

- Visibility

By looking, the user can easily tell how to it, where is the button, and what is the function of each button.

- A good conceptual model & Good mapping

The three buttons represent different functions in different shapes. It's easy to tell the plus button increases the pulse and the minus button decreases the pulse.

- Instant feedback

When the user presses the power button once, the cleansing device starts to vibrate. Press the switch a second time, the device will stop immediately. When charging the device, the bottom light will light up. Red lights on behalf of the battery are less than full, and white lights represent a fully charged. The color of the light matches the user's mental model.

- Material and shape

Its size and shape make it is easy to hold with one hand. Different density of touch-points is designed for different cuticle thickness of different skin parts. The whole product is in green color, which makes people feel clean and fresh.

A Frustrating User Experience

Airborne Entertainment System Control

- Boeing 777-300ER airliner of China Eastern Airlines

The experience of using the control of the airborne entertainment system on Boeing 777-300ER airliner is frustrating.


- Easy to confuse the call crew button with the light switch. Since the size of the button is small, it's hard to see the icon on it clearly when passengers leaning on the back of the chair. So it's easy to make a mistake that when passengers want to call the crew, they turn on the light, or call the crew but they only want to turn on the light.

- It's not clear whether the plus and minus buttons control the volume or the screen brightness. Passengers have to find it out through their own attempts.

- There are no physical buttons that control the screen brightness. When watching movies, the screen brightness icon is just near the volume icon in the lower left corner of the screen, but only volume control buttons exist on the physical controller. It is inconvenient and might confuse the passengers.


- Change the color of the call crew button and the light switch. Use contrasting colors.

- Use two slider bars to adjust the volume and screen brightness separately. Use color and icon to distinguish them.

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