Final Project Proposal



"Expressive Writing"

Expressing yourself through writing.

It is the process of putting your thoughts, feelings and experiences into words.

Expressive writing has been found to be particularly helpful for those struggling with conflict or dealing with stressful or traumatic experiences.

"Morning Pages"

The ritual allows people to pour out all the thoughts rattling around in their brain–including the most anxious, angry, petty, self-critical, and otherwise unflattering parts of themselves.

Every morning, soon after waking, you must write 750 words—equivalent to about three full pages longhand. The idea is to start while your brain is too bleary to censor itself, so you can write more freely.

“Once we get those muddy, maddening, confusing thoughts on the page, we face our day with clearer eyes.” Morning Pages are a form of meditation, giving us fresh insights into ourselves and empowering us to make changes in our lives.

Nobody else reads what you wrote and you don't reread them either, so that you can truly let yourself go without worrying about how you’ll feel looking back at them later on.


[1] Pennebaker J W, Chung C K. Expressive writing: Connections to physical and mental health[J]. Oxford handbook of health psychology, 2011: 417-437.

[2] This morning ritual could help you. This is how it works.


Design an APP that people can write down their negative emotions every day when they wake up, and receive a positive feedback.

Target Users

Major User Flow


To help users

- clarify what’s worrying them

- understand what’s the most important in their lives

- find a way to move forward


Writing Page

After writing over 757 words.

Summarize Page



1. saveJSON()

2. [video] 8.1: Intro to Session 8: Building an API in Node - Programming with Text (?)

3. [video] 8.5: Saving Data to JSON File with Node.js (?)


1. Do you think this is a good idea? ( Be honest, I won't be angry or depressed.)

2. How to save data in JSON? Do I need to use Node.js?

3. Give me some ideas for the title.

4. Use API? (if I can find some)

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