The idea is to make an installation which can help you decide what to do during the weekend.

The First Pancake

The hole is a bit smaller and the switch is stuck in the hole.

The standoffs are longer than I expected. I have to buy shorter ones.

The holes for the screws are too big to hold it tightly.

And I also find a big problem that I forgot to design the place to put the battery. Oh gosh.

I have to make it again from the beginning.

The Second Try

This time I connected the battery to Arduino first to make sure that I had the right measure.

I also remember the lesson I learnt from the first demo that the size error of holes can be a big hidden trouble. So I made some samples by the laser cutter and measured the holes each time and made some modification.

I also decided to use hand drill instead of the laser cutter to drill holes for screws and standoffs, because it's a quicker and easy to make modification. At first I'm afraid of that the hand drill would break the acrylic but it worked good.

Final Production

I used shorter standoffs to take place the former ones. The new ones are 1-3/4", and the former ones are 2-1/2".

And I also made the wires looks more tidy.

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