Digital Input and Output Practice - Rhythm

Feel the rhythm and rock!

Make The Rhythm

First I made the rhythm with GarageBand APP and edited it in Adobe Audition.

Make The Circuit

I first lined all the components and programed the Arduino according to what is told in Lab: Digital Input and Output with an Arduino,and then made some changes - adding two more LEDs. This is how the circuit works out - the yellow and blue LEDs twinkle alternately when pushing the button.

Then I rewrite the program. I made the LEDs twinkle automatically after pushing the button once. This is how the program goes and how the circuit works out.

Make The Exterior

Then I used laser cutter to cut the plastics and made a box with black card board. For the whole making process, go to my Fabrication Blog post.

So when you push the button, the lights will start to flicker according to the rhythm and reflect the pattern on the plastic.

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