Multiples - Jewelry Boxes

“Times everything by pi.”

Perhaps this is the most important thing I learnt in this week.


I decided to make five jewelry boxes. This very first step is making a blueprint.

Then I went out to find my materials. It's not easy to choose the appropriate materials since I have to consider its size, thickness and bearing capacity. After half an hours's comparison, I got 5 pieces of 30cm*60cm*0.5cm plywood and a pair of butt hinges connectors with 8 pieces 7 mm screws.

Then I start to make the first pancake.

This big guy does eat a lot of materials. I measure the wood after I cut it, and it was about 1cm shorter than I expected before.

Because of the errors, it took me went in and out the shop for many times, repeating to measure and cut. When making a box, any errors can lead to failure in putting pieces together. So I had to be very careful when cutting the wood.

After the cutting was done, I used the sand machine to make the bevels on the joint sides of each piece. And tried to cut the part where to stretch fingers in on the front piece.

After I sanded all the surface with sand paper, I drilled holes and set hinges.


It was time to put them together. I used wood glue, 90-degree corner clamp and spring clamps.

30 minutes later, the first pancake was done!

I started to repeat and made another four as a robot.

I also made a bevel on one side of the cover piece in order to make the cover easy to open.


All pieces were done. The job left was to set hinges and stick them together. That was the time when I realized that the clamps are never enough.

I also changed to use two smaller hinges for each box instead of one bigger hinges to make a better and more stable link.

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