Make Switches

In the second Pcom class, I learnt how to make a circuit and turn on the LEDs in the circuit.

I tried to make a "switch" to turn on the LEDs.

What kind of interaction can become a switch?

This is the first question I thought about. I did a brainstorming to find my answer.

I decided to make a quiz, which can be a part of any investigate that needs lots of respondents.

The small set can be put in a public place. When respondents make their choice, the set can send a feedback to them.

The following are the sketches of my ideation.

I also drew the schematic diagrams which helped me to make the circuit with Arduino.

At first, I tried to use lights to make a little projector that map the feedback message on a black board. But I tried many time with different distance between the light and the wall, I still couldn't make a clear projection. I thought it was because the LEDs I used is not bright enough. So I ended up the prototype like this.

When someone answer "YES!", the yellow light in front of the smile guy will on.

And if the answer is "Eh...", the red light in front of the upset guy will on.

What can be updated?

- Be connected to a statistical program. In this way, it can be used in public places and send real-time research data to the background server.

- Add with sound or music when the lights turn on to make it more attractive.

- Find a way to project the feedback.

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