Meditation Journal 2 - "Who am I" Sep 14

In today's morning after I get up, I tried the 'who am I?' meditation by myself.

I sat on my yoga mat in my bedroom and faced to the window, through which I could enjoy the view of the Hudson river and a remote view of the Statue of Liberty.

Although I feel very sleepy everyday after I get up, this beautiful view and the fresh air from the outside can wake me up.

I tried the same meditation which I did in class on Monday afternoon, but this time my feeling is totally different.

When I closed my eyes, I noticed my breath was smooth. I felt calm, peaceful and a little sleepy. The view of my room appeared in my mind, but I imaged there was more sunshine and more green plants in my room. I breathed, and it seemed that I could smell the plants.

Then I began to think about my plan for today and the homework I did last night. I began to feel stressful when I was wondering whether I did a good job or not. But as I breathed, those stressfulness went away in the air and confidence went into my body. I realized that this was just the first 2 weeks after I arrived in this new country, new place, I had done my best, and I still had a lot of time to adapt to the study and life here. I began to tell myself that I am not anxious but I am eager.

I meditated for about 10 minutes, and this time it went more smoothly. I had fewer distractions than the first time I did it in the classroom. I guess the reason is that it's more quiet in my room than being surrounded by the busy street. And I also had a different feeling than before. I didn't feel down but more open-minded and energetic after the meditation.

Written by Mengzhen.

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