Build a Flashlight - Little Monster

I'm frustrated now because my Little Monster broke down at the last time when I tested it.

Anyway, let's talk about my first flashlight, the Little Monster.(And also talks about my mistakes.)

I was thinking about a flashlight with a certain usage scenario, which might be something children can bring out at the coming Halloween night. So I decided to make a Little Monster.

My first step was to make a blueprint. Here we go.

The reason why I considered about using Arduino to turn on the light is I didn't know how to solder at that time. And I tied to link the LED and the battery directly, but the LED didn't turn on. So I thought it couldn't work in that way. (This was the first mistake I made. Now I have realized that it was because the voltage of the battery is too low to turn on the LED.)

Anyway, I decided to use Arduino, and that made the demo so complicated. I used two LEDs to make the monster's eyes, and used a button to make its short tail.

I linked all the components and tested the circuit. Fortunately, it worked well.

Then I tested whether the board I used is foldable. And I measured the size of the monster, drew it on the board and cut it. (Everything still seemed to be fine in this step.)

Then it was the time to drill holes on the board. By the way, the following gif shows how I find the place and the size of the holes on the board.

Then it came the big trouble. It was difficult to put all the things together. I used glue gun to stick the wires and components, tapes to stick the breadboard, and glue gun again to stick the board. But it didn't work out as what I thought before. It was really hard to make a solid fix with tapes. (This might be the second mistake I made, but I still don't know how to put these things together in a steady way.)

And I also failed to put the two pieces on both sides, because when I press the button without my finger in the back, the button would go straight into the hole. I tried to put a piece of sponge to push the button from the back, but it came out that the button didn't work and the lights were always on. (This might be the third mistake, or problem.)

After I tried many times, it finally worked, although it looks quit different to the blueprint.

It looks nice in the dark, right?

Just at the moment that I finished shooting the video above, my Little Monster broke down. How frustrating!😂 I will try to stick it again in tomorrow morning (may be use other tools). Hope it will work.

Written by Mengzhen

At midnight. So sad.

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