Enjoy Your Flight

Redesigned the experience on the flight

Solving the problem that how to bring an exciting and meaningful experience to passengers in the limited cabin space.



Not every flight experience is pleasing, especially long-distance traveling. In this project, I worked with Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute. The mission is to improve the flight experience and make the traveling time more meaningful and delightful.


I explored the meaning of flying in addition to the definition as transportation. And I came up with designing an interactive device based on the IFE (In-flight Entertainment).


Design Researcher

UX/UI Designer

Interaction/Motion Designer


July  2015  (2 weeks)


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects

Rhino 3D

Identify Problems

In order to identify the current pain points in the flight experience, I asked passengers to describe their journey and their feelings through the whole flight process. I did research on IEFS (In-flight Entertainment System). I talked with stakeholders from SADRI to know the design guidelines. And I did one on one user interview with 15 passengers to get more detailed information.

资源 3_6x.png

STEP 2: Value Opportunity Analysis (VOA). Analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the exciting In-flight entertainment.

I divided all the pain points I got from user research into five categories according to the user's touch points. Most of the pain points happen during the time on the airplane. I found the biggest pain point is that passengers feel boring on the airplane since they don't know how to kill time. Some current solutions are looking outside the window, shopping, and using IFES, including watching movies, listening to music and playing games.

User's Current Solutions

Understand Users

People who busy with work
What worries me most is to spend a long time on the plane when I travel to other places during my short holiday.
The majority
When I take a long-distance flight, I usually have nothing else to do instead of playing with the IFES. And the movies and games on it are out of date.
I prefer to sit beside the window to enjoy the outside view. However, those seats are usually sold out quickly.
People who want to see the outside


Design The Features

Technology Research

To find the technology and technique that supports the design concept, we did research on 3D projection and motion capture.

3D Projection

Motion Capture

Equipment Structure

The whole equipment consists of two parts.


Screen A: main views and the menu


Screen B: 3D image and detail information

User Scenario



UI Design

2016-10-23 14_10_11.gif
2016-10-23 16_13_18.gif


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