October 19, 2017


Smartphone addiction is one typical example of the disadvantages of technology. It is a common social phenomenon that many people check their smartphones compulsively. Even when they are stay with others, they seem to "talk to" their phones more than to make a real chat with people nearby.

  (By Jacob Ufkes from unspla...

October 9, 2017


Learn from prototype:

- The two bottom rivets should be put a little bit higher.

- First tape the two pieces of sheet metal and then drill holes.

Make With Steel And Wood

I think the rivet gun is too big for me.

 Made a mistake. Took the rivet out with this guy.


October 2, 2017

The idea is to make an installation which can help you decide what to do during the weekend.

 The First Pancake

 The hole is a bit smaller and the switch is stuck in the hole. 

The standoffs are longer than I expected. I have to buy shorter ones.

The holes for the screws are too big to hold it tightly. 

And I also find a bi...

September 27, 2017

Feel the rhythm and rock!

In this blog, I mainly talk about how I made the exterior of this light & rhythm installation. For the whole processing, especially the programming and circuit part, go to my Physical Computing Blog.

Play With Plastics & Laser Cutter

Since it was my first time to do the laser cutting, I tried to cut and etch di...

September 21, 2017

“Times everything by pi.”

Perhaps this is the most important thing I learnt in this week.


I decided to make five jewelry boxes. This very first step is making a blueprint.

Then I went out to find my materials. It's not easy to choose the appropriate materials since I have to consider its size, thickness and bear...

September 14, 2017

Since my Little Monster broke down yesterday night, I operated on it this morning.

This is the updated Little Monster!

I used glue gun to stick the broken parts and changed the Arduino board into a 9v battery.

This is the final look.

September 14, 2017

I'm frustrated now because my Little Monster broke down at the last time when I tested it.

Anyway, let's talk about my first flashlight, the Little Monster.(And also talks about my mistakes.)

I was thinking about a flashlight with a certain usage scenario, which might be something children can bring out at the coming Halloween night. S...

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